“These are the times that try men’s souls.”

Thomas Paine spoke these words during the birth pangs of a new nation. What began as an uncertain, tumultuous period resulted in a glorious new enterprise, the United States of America. When it was over, no one, not the families who lost their livelihoods and even their lives, would look back and say their sacrifice was wasted. They’d agree it was always hard, often terrifying, sometimes hopeless, and undeniably worth it.

Today the church in America faces a different challenge. Not so much the loss of a country, though some would disagree. Today we face the loss of our souls. I’m not talking about banishment to hell. As believers, we are secure in our salvation through faith. No, but our spirit, the deepest part of our being that draws its hope, its confidence not from worldly circumstance or political fortunes, but from its knowledge of who God is, what His purposes are, how He is powerful to achieve them, and how He desires to achieve them through His church. But first, the church must regain its soul.

Word on the Street: Bringing Theology Down to Earth

Our new series, Word on the Street, is being created just for this purpose: to give the ordinary everyday believer a deeper understanding of their role during these trying times. Over the past hundred years, the preaching from pulpits, the teaching at Bible colleges, the devotions around the kitchen table have become flabby and impotent. In short, they have become lukewarm, and we have reaped the devastating fruits. Many would say that the country is on the verge of betraying the church. But if it is not too hard to hear: the church has already let the country down.

For the church in America to regain its status as the beacon of hope, there has to be a renewal of the mind, a revival in the quest to know God, His character, His expectations of His bride, which is the church. In other words, a fulfilling of the upward call of Christ through a better understanding of His Word. To behave as the victor, not the vanquished. If we are to remake a shining city on a hill, even if that city be the church only, we must come home to solid theology. There must be a return to sound doctrine. Not, do I say, through stain-glassed words or seminary level terms, but by way of everyday language. Our series is not designed for the Doctor of Divinity (though we’d like to partner with them) but for the ordinary typical believer in Jesus. If you are the average member of the body of Christ who lives his or her life between confidence and fear, certainty and doubt, peace and despair, holiness and fallenness, then beloved, Word on the Street is for you.

Here’s what’s in store for you if you sign on: 

We will attempt to answer your questions, allay your fears and remind you of that in which your hope ultimately lies. We will prepare you to share knowledge of God with your loved ones, that you and they might think biblically and live godly. You will gain clarity regarding the times in America and the world that you might embrace such times for the opportunity they provide, rather than the doom they portend, as is commonly supposed. You will learn the theological hills to die on, that you may know when to fight the good fight and when to show grace and charity. Our goal is that the church in America become an example to the culture and the vanguard of the Gospel; that she might take heart and then take hold of the abundant life in Christ to which she was called. And lastly, that the church of Jesus Christ might maintain an eternal perspective of the times in which she finds herself today and then to live accordingly.

Here are some of the topics we will address in our new series:

  1. Word on the Street Introduction: Bringing Theology Down to Earth.
  2. The Hiddenness of God: Why doesn’t God make himself plain to everyone?
  3. What does the Bible say about Critical Race Theory?
  4. What do you say to your college student if they reject the faith you raised them in?
  5. Left vs. Right. Is that the real issue?
  6. Who was Jonathan Edwards… and why does it matter to me now?
  7. Why did God create people he knew would reject him?
  8. How to understand the Trinity. Three in One or One in Three?
  9. Reclaiming the Rainbow series: The Christian and diversity training?
  10. Are we still a Christian nation?
  11. How to make America (really) great again.
  12. Developing an eternal perspective.
  13. Back to the theater: how should Christians pick their next movie?
  14. Understanding the times … and responding biblically.
  15. How to pray God’s promises back to Him.
  16. If it’s our human nature to sin, how can we be held accountable?
  17. If Christ couldn’t sin, how could He be tempted?
  18. Who was John Calvin… and why does it matter to me now?
  19. If Jesus was God, why didn’t He know certain things?
  20. Redeeming your sorrow and grieving biblically.
  21. To pursue “The American Dream.” Or not.
  22. Why do bad things happen to good people?
  23. Are Mormons Christian?
  24.  “Who do you say that I am?” Jesus, according to Life Magazine.
  25. For the believer, is suffering an accident or an appointment?
  26. The biblical role of the Christian in politics.
  27. Who was William Tyndale … and why does it matter to me now?
  28. Should Christians support racial reparations?
  29. A southerner, and a Baptist, but not a Southern Baptist.
  30. What is predestination, and how is it biblical?
  31. Sleeping with the enemy … or how to thrive in a mismatched marriage?
  32. Can a believer lose their salvation?
  33. Is faith without works dead? Understanding James 2.
  34. Evolution: another theory murdered by a brutal gang of facts.
  35. What about the people who never heard the Gospel?
  36. Why did God command the slaughter of men, women & children in the OT?
  37. Should we adjust our Bible to the age – or our age to the Bible?
  38. You’re a devoted Christian, but what do you do with pesky doubts?
  39. How to immunize your loved ones against Skepticitis?
  40. Liberalism and Christianity. Can they coexist?
  41. Should the world fear global warming?
  42. Don’t own the Truth. Be owned by it?
  43. You’ve been wronged! Substituting anger with forgiveness.
  44. Men: what does it mean to love your wives as Christ loved the church?
  45. Women: what does it mean to submit to your husbands?
  46. How to withhold from Caesar that which belongs to God?
  47. What do you say to a Muslim?
  48. The sacred-secular split: what is it and how has it infiltrated my Christian home?
  49. When is civil disobedience biblical?
  50. How does God define Social Justice?
  51. Can Christians support abortion?
  52. Reclaiming the Rainbow series: What do you say to your LGBTQ family member?
  53. How a Christian can become a functional Atheist in five easy steps.
  54. Ecclesiastes 7:10 “Do not say that the former days were better than these.”
  55. Are you wearing Red, White & Blue, or just White? Revelation 19
  56. Reclaiming the Rainbow series: Were men and women created equal or opposite?
  57. Reclaiming the Rainbow series: Should Christians be tolerant?
  58. Reclaiming the Rainbow series: What is God’s view of homosexuality?

A Working Knowledge of God’s Purposes

To guide our culture rightly means we have to start with a working knowledge of God’s purposes in today’s era. By His grace, Word on the Street will give us such knowledge through written articles, interviews with ordinary everyday believers, and street-level video messages. The series will show the bride of Christ, that is you and me, how to think biblically and live godly, how to have peace, confidence, and joy, blessed to be actors in a story the end of which has already been written.

I hope to see you soon.

Ben LaCorte

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