Heroes of the Cross was spawned out of a call and a passion. The passion was to deliver truth and encouragement to lonely and intimidated soldier-saints around the globe. I am convinced that the Church’s best days are before her, that suffering and persecution have traditionally been the seeds of the faith. Adversity should be looked upon as an opportunity to add millions to the Kingdom of God. Hope is to be seen as the promise of a divine caretaker whose arms are long enough to reach every unpopular nook and seemingly forgotten cranny to embrace with love the souls there found.

Through effective Media Development and Content Creation, I hope to utilize the broadcast infrastructure built up over decades by TWR, to hearten, edify, and educate the church worldwide as to her heroic history. I hope to serve the church by illuminating her courageous past, a great heritage upon which to stand, and from which to confidently proclaim her great truths.

I hope you feel the same way!  Though we know the days of the Church are numbered, we also know their number is perfectly anointed by its Rock and Cornerstone, the Son of God. The time of His return is known by Him, dreaded by the prince of this world and and longingly anticipated by us.

We have to give our all now.

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