July 23rd
2:30PM – 6:00PM (Doors open at 2PM)
Cary, NC
Colonial Baptist Church

About the Apologetics Conference

Reasons 2 Believe Apologetics Conference: “Because apologetics isn’t a conversation of 1.”

Our culture offers a smorgasbord of beliefs. How do we vaccinate our children against toxic untruth? How do we engage false religions and worldviews with a winsome attitude? This one-day conference will help you.

Join us on Sunday, July 23rd. You will learn how to spark conversation and thought with unbelievers; respond when reason is not the reason for doubt; and equip your family to defend the Gospel of Jesus Christ with confidence, clarity and conviction. The event includes three presentations, followed by a panel discussion and Q&A.

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The PrimeTmers at Colonial Baptist Church in Cary, NC asked Ben if he knew anyone who was active in the Mormon Church. Ben said “Yes” and the two got together on stage to discuss the differences between Biblical Christianity and Mormonism.  It was an interesting conversation and the congregation learned how to engage the missionaries when they come knocking.

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Colonial Baptist Church
6051 Tryon Road, Cary, North Carolina, 27518, United States

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Colonial Baptist Church, Cary NC
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    July 23rd, 2017

    Colonial Baptist

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